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Microsoft Surface, Meet Apple iSurface

theodp (442580) writes | more than 2 years ago

Microsoft 2

theodp (442580) writes "Responding to Microsoft's Windows 8 efforts, Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted in late April that combining a tablet and a notebook would be like converging a toaster and a refrigerator. But a patent application submitted by Apple last year — and made public Tuesday morning — proposes marrying a tablet and a keyboard to create 'a true laptop alternative,' which GeekWire notes looks a lot like Microsoft Surface (comparison pic). In its patent filing, Apple describes various ways that a tablet's cover could be used as an I-O device — as a tactile-feedback keyboard ('word processing and email become much more efficient'), to display additional output, as a touchpad replacement, and even to receive stylus input. 'The experience,' claims Apple, 'is even better in some ways than the laptop experience.' So, with Apple and Microsoft both onboard, will Chick-fil-A eventually come out in support of toaster-and-refrigerator marriage?"

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Won't Effect Microsoft (1)

organgtool (966989) | more than 2 years ago | (#40864361)

Since Microsoft and Apple have had a truce in the patent war, there isn't much need for Microsoft to worry about Apple's patent. If anything, all of the other tablet makers could feel the effect if the keyboard cover really takes off.

On a different note, what the hell is up with this patent? One drawing shows it with a screen, another one depicts a keyboard, yet another has a drawing surface, and one even has solar panels. This patent covers at least four different "inventions", so shouldn't it require four different patents? I thought that you could avoid infringing on someone's patent if you implemented just one feature of it differently, but the patent itself covers multiple combinations of four different features! This isn't a patent for one solid invention, this is Apple throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. Given that it's been a year since this patent was filed and Apple has not released anything like the drawings depict, even going as far to mock the idea, it looks like Apple is just trolling this patent to prevent other hardware manufacturers from actually releasing such a device in fear that it could become successful. Does anyone know if Apple's attempts to drive out competition through patent litigation is having any measurable affect on their image? If not, then why isn't everyone else pulling this shit against Apple in retaliation?

Make that Thursday, not Tuesday (1)

theodp (442580) | more than 2 years ago | (#40874421)


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