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The Number That Shows Why Apple is Suing Every Android Manufacturer in Sight

amiller2571 (2571883) writes | more than 2 years ago

Android 1

amiller2571 writes "The eyes of the technology world are focused on the epic patent struggle between Apple and Samsung — the latest iteration of Apple’s frantic legal battle against everything Android. The iPhone maker has also brought suits against Android device manufacturers HTC and Motorola. Apple has faced criticism for its endless lawsuits designed to stunt competition from Google's Android, but a quick look at Android device shipments in the second quarter of 2012 reveals a key number that suggest Apple is right to worry."
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iHate Apple Worship (1)

Robert_Murphy (2706375) | more than 2 years ago | (#40965105)

One thing that has burned my hide for years is just how successful Apple has been in it's marketing goal of convincing large numbers of otherwise intelligent people that it is the 'Enlightened and Creative Tech Company,' and, ergo people who buy their products are creative,free-thinking, open-minded people. (E.g., remember their "Make up your own mind!" ad campaign?) Oh! And it's also the 'Liberal Computer!' Witness: our well-meaning but utterly hapless 'liberal' mayor out here in Seattle, Mike Mike McGinn, at the beginning of what is to be his first and only term in office, proposed that the city switch from PCs to Macs. This was quickly shelved when perplexed opponents of the idea pointed out that it would cost the city millions for no conceivable benefit. Why did Mike do this? For the same reason he did/does most everything in his capacity as mayor: it was the 'liberal' thing to do. (Just like his also quickly-shelved idea to make Seattle a more bicycle-friendly city by lowering the speed limit, city-wide, to 20 mph.) But I digress. My point? Apple as a corporation outdoes even Microsoft when it comes to dubious, bullying lawsuits, its hardware is built by cheap, exploited labor in China, and Saint Steve, while certainly a man who made his mark on the world, was also a first-rate dick as a human being; he was known for taking credit for others achievements and screaming down his subordinates with regularity. Apple is NOT any different in its corporate behavior than any of its competitors. And buying iHardware will not turn you into a free-thinking, artistic person. [Rant over; rise flames!]
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