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The year of the Linux (gaming) desktop

lordofthechia (598872) writes | more than 2 years ago

Games 0

lordofthechia (598872) writes "With the upcoming Linux Steam client and Left4Dead 2 for Linux, there's been a lot of questions regarding the possible number of games available at this year's Steam launch for Linux. The folks at Phoronix have listed a rundown of recent Linux friendly Kickstarter projects. Indeed many developers are not only letting the fans sponsor the games they want, some are even adding the option to develop Mac and Linux support.

Some confirmed upcoming Linux releases (a few of them thanks to Unity4 adding support for Linux) include:
Shadowrun Returns , Double Fine Adventure (led by Tim Shafer), Faster than Light , The Banner Saga , Nekro , Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes , Z , Hexit , Carmageddon: Reincarnation, Wasteland 2 , Legends of Aethereus and lastly from the creators of the Spacequest series Space Venture !

Others are on the verge of offering linux support. The potentials include Takedown (offering a Linux based on demand), Starlight Inception , Legends of Eisenwald , and Defense Grid 2.

Other current titles with Linux support (many of which are already on the Steam store) can be seen in the listing of past Humble Bundles ."

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