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Blocked websites in China overwhelmed Herdict database

percyalpha (2694545) writes | more than 2 years ago

Censorship 1

percyalpha writes "Greatfire is a website that automatically monitors Internet censorship in China. Recently, we improved our system to share all testing data with Herdict, a project at Harvard University on Internet blockages. User reports on Herdict of websites inaccessible in China are automatically imported into our system, and our data of websites blocked in China is also exported into the Herdict database. If you ever explore the first ten pages of herdict database, chances are all block reports are from China and imported from our system."

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Another project by us. (1)

percyalpha (2694545) | more than 2 years ago | (#41104995)

We recently developed another project to help web owners to unblock their websites in China. [] So if you ever find that your business site is blocked due to collateral damage (you share the same host with another blocked website) , feel free to unblock it.
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