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The empire strikes back: Nikon announces Android-based camera

MrSeb (471333) writes | more than 2 years ago

Android 1

MrSeb writes "Today Nikon announced the first mainstream camera powered by Android. While Polaroid has an Android model on the market, it is very limited and hasn’t attracted much attention. The Coolpix S800c combines Nikon’s imaging prowess with a set of capabilities running on Android (in this case version 2.3) that are designed to make it as easy to use for photo sharing as a smartphone. Sharing with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter is built-in, while sharing with other services will be as simple as downloading the appropriate Android application. Hardware-wise, there's a 16MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor — a technology which helps increase low-light performance, especially for small sensors. The S800c can also capture full HD 1080p video and stereo sound, creating clips that can be uploaded to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. As icing on the cake the S800c includes GPS, which is crucial if it is to have any hope of displacing the smartphone as a primary means of sharing images. Unfortunately, beyond saying that the camera runs Android, Nikon has been incredibly quiet on the implementation. If Android is actually linked to the camera's hardware, and there's an open API, he S800c could be the basis for a very powerful photography application platform. Going further, if the bootloader is unlocked (or can be unlocked by enterprising devs) then custom ROMs might be the order of the day. Having a high-quality image capture platform that can be programmed as easily as a smartphone will open up a lot of new ground for imaging applications if the S800c is really open at a low level. We should find out more when the camera launches in September, at a price of $350."
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a security, privacy nightmare? (1)

quantic_oscillation7 (973678) | more than 2 years ago | (#41080671)

at least for me, no thanks!

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