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BYOD makes employees work unpaid an extra 20 hours a week

Qedward (2499046) writes | about a year and a half ago


Qedward (2499046) writes "Many employees are working up to 20 additional hours per week unpaid as a result of bring your own device (BYOD) policies adopted by their firms, many of which have no security safeguards.

According to the quarterly Mobile Workforce Report from enterprise Wi-Fi access firm iPass, a third of mobile enterprise workers never fully disconnect from technology during their during personal time.

The report also said that 92% of mobile workers "enjoy their job flexibility" and are "content" with working longer hours. In fact, said the report, 42% would like "even greater flexibility for their working practices".

But 19% of mobile workers said their companies did not require security on smartphones or tablets to access work data."

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Is anyone holding a gun to the worker's head? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year and a half ago | (#41083607)

Sounds more like a self control issue. In touchdown I have syncing turned off at 8pm. Starts again soon after I wake in the morning. Same for evening and weekend phone calls from coworkers ... don't answer them.

Choose your order of priorities(family, friends, health, faith, career, etc) and then act based upon those choices.

Sorry, what is the problem again? (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | about a year and a half ago | (#41085229)

If both sides agree, is there a problem? Are you one of those statist nannies who gets your jollies by minding other peoples' business?

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