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Best/Worst Drivers in the US

schwit1 (797399) writes | about 2 years ago

Government 1

schwit1 (797399) writes "AllState released its eighth annual Best Drivers Report, which uses claims data to rank America's 200 (technically, 193) largest cities in terms of residents' car collision frequency.

Best Cities
5. Lincoln, Nebraska (12.4 years between accidents)
4. Madison, Wisconsin (13 years between accidents)
3. Fort Collins, Colorado (13.6 years between accidents)
2. Boise, Idaho (13.8 years between accidents)
1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota (13.8 years between accidents)

Worst Cities
10. Alexandria, Virginia (6.4 years between accidents)
9. San Francisco, California (6.4 years between accidents)
8. Jersey City, New Jersey (6.4 years between accidents)
7. Hartford, Connecticut (6.3 years between accidents)
6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (6.2 years between accidents)
5. Providence, Rhode Island (6 years between accidents)
4. Newark, New Jersey (5.9 years between accidents)
3. Glendale, California (5.5 years between accidents)
2. Baltimore, Maryland (5.3 years between accidents)
1. Washington, D.C. (4.8 years between accidents)

I have to wonder why DC is so bad since it installed all of the speed and red light cameras to improve safety."

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1 comment

False Pretense (1)

AstroPhilosopher (2500630) | about 2 years ago | (#41166923)

Cities claim that they install speed and traffic lights to 'improve safety' when in reality they install them to collect additional funds; especially during the recent recession. You want proof? If it's for safety then why don't they force violators to take driver ed courses since it's obvious they ignore laws? Paying a ticket does absolutely nothing to instill safe driving practices; it just makes the driver a little poorer and the city a littler richer.
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