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Universal Turing machine in Penrose Tile Cellular Automata

submeta (2624585) writes | more than 2 years ago

Math 1

submeta (2624585) writes "Katsunobu Imai at Hiroshima University has figured out a way to construct a universal Turing machine using cellular automata in a Penrose tile universe.

'Tiles in the first state act as wires that transmit signals between the logic gates, with the signal itself consisting of either a 'front' or 'back' state. Four other states manage the redirecting of the signal within the logic gates, while the final state is simply an unused background to keep the various states separate.'

He was not aware of the recent development of the Penrose glider, so he developed this alternative approach."

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Cool (1)

Techmeology (1426095) | more than 2 years ago | (#41181673)

Next up: 4004 in a turing machine in hashlife.
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