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Ask Slashdot: Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh Network for Fire Department Vehicles

Texaskilt (1143451) writes | about 2 years ago

Wireless Networking 0

Texaskilt (1143451) writes "I am looking to put together a mobile mesh network for my volunteer fire department and would like some recommendations from the Slashdot crowd.

Ideally, the network would consist of cheap wireless routers (Linksys WRT-type) mounted on each vehicle. From there, tablets or other wireless devices could connect to the router. When the vehicles are in the station, the routers would auto-connect to the WiFi network to receive calls for service and other updates. When out on a call, the router would form an ad-hoc network with other vehicles on the scene. If a vehicle came into range of an Internet "hotspot", it would notify other vehicles and become a gateway for the rest of the "ad-hoc" networked vehicles.

I've looked at Freifunk for this, but would like some other options. Recommendations please?"

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