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Ask Slashdot: Best "share" button for a helpful programming article?

Javaman59 (524434) writes | more than 2 years ago

Programming 1

Javaman59 (524434) writes "When I find an article or blog post on a programming topic I usually want to say both "thankyou" to the author, and give the article some credit in the web ranking systems. I am particularly thinking of short articles which have a solution in code.

In the past, I have sometimes left a "thankyou" comment, but I am wondering which of the "share" buttons which are usually associated with such an article would also be useful. I wouldn't use facebook, because it's not of interest to most of my friends, and even those who might be interested at sometime are unlikely to want to see it right now.

It would also be good to use a system which keeps track of my recommendations, for my own future reference.

I've never used the other net sharing sites (digg, reddit, etc.), so, before looking into them to find which, if any, is appropriate, I'm asking the Slashdot community."

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Google's +1? (2)

CodeheadUK (2717911) | more than 2 years ago | (#41220687)

Clicking Google's +1 button on a page helps improve the pagerank for that article, gives the author feedback (through the click count) and is logged in your Google account for your future refence. I think that ticks most of your boxes. The only downside is that the site must opt in by placing the (very simple) code for the button on the page.
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