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Internet porn blocking consultation draws to close in UK

another random user (2645241) writes | more than 2 years ago

Censorship 0

another random user (2645241) writes "A consultation into whether UK internet users should have to opt-in in order to access adult content is set to close today. The government's discussion paper canvassed opinion on three possible ways of helping parents filter inappropriate content:

  • Opt-in: Also known as "default on", homeowners would be required to contact their ISP in order to have access to adult content.
  • Active Choice: The popular system among ISPs, an active choice rule would mean providers would have to present filtering options to all customers as they set up their connections
  • Active Choice Plus: This method would give users a detailed breakdown of content types, and would encourage filtering by pre-selecting options to block content

A petition with 110,000 signatures in support of "opt-in" will be delivered to 10 Downing Street, backed by Conservative MP Claire Perry.
"The petition suggests a high level of support for the opt-in idea," she told the BBC."

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