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Converting RSS feeds to a dynamic 3D scene in 120 lines of code

descubes (35093) writes | more than 2 years ago

Graphics 4

descubes writes "Tao Presentations is a 3D presentation tool based on a 3D dynamic document description language. This makes it very easy for developers to create their own 3D shows, illustrate talks in an innovative way, even build small interactive 3D applications. An example included in the latest release grabs RSS feeds from a variety of sources (including Slashdot) and turns them into a 3D scene, all in real-time and in about 120 lines of code. It fetches the pictures directly from the web site and maps them on 3D shapes. And this is only a starting point. Tao Presentations can display 3D objects, drive the majority of 3D displays (including glasses-free 3D displays from Alioscopy, Philips or Tridelity), use GLSL shaders for advanced effects, and much more.

Tao Presentations is free (as in beer), and the document description language is based on the free (as in speech) XL programming language. If you get bored of Powerpoint and are looking for a more stimulating alternative, Tao Presentations may be what you were looking for."

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Getting geolocalized news (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#41296879)

There's an interesting question near the end of the article:

Unfortunately, I didn't find any good way to obtain latitude and longitude reliably for each piece of news, otherwise we could have created a much cooler effect, showing each picture and news at the right spot on the surface of Earth... If anybody has an idea on how to do that, I'm interested.

I can see how you could create a globe with news floating at the right location if you could get the latitude and the longitude. Unfortunately, I have no clue where to get that, and a quick search on Google didn't help. Does anybody on Slashdot know how to fetch headlines along with geolocation information?

Re:Getting geolocalized news (1)

jeromef (2726837) | more than 2 years ago | (#41297153)

There is a standard called GeoRSS [] . Unfortunately, it does not seem to be widely used by news feed providers. None of the feeds from the article include GeoRSS info. However, the wikipedia page has an interesting example: the USGS M 5+ Earthquakes [] for the past 7 days. I suppose it would be quite easy to parse.

Original RSS feeds (1)

aerkis (2727363) | more than 2 years ago | (#41297157)

At last, a great article explaining how to make original RSS feeds !! The language seems also very interesting, can you give more applications ?

Re:Original RSS feeds (1)

descubes (35093) | more than 2 years ago | (#41297367)

There are a number of examples on the Tutorials [] section of the Taodyne web site, for example a car configuration tool [] , a map of all visible stars [] , ... Feel free to suggest ideas and we will post about them in the future.

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