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Verizon Offers Free Tethering Because It Has To

jfruh (300774) writes | more than 2 years ago

Android 1

jfruh writes "Most US wireless carriers are trying to have it both ways on tethering or smartphones-as-hotspots — moving people from unlimited data plans to plans where they pay by the gigabyte, but then also charging them extra if they want to share the gigabytes they've paid for with other devices. But on Android phones on Verizon, at least, you can still tether, not because Verizon is trying to be more consumer friendly, but because, according to an FCC ruling, they agreed to allow it when they bought formerly public spectrum."
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Here's a thought... (1)

fireman sam (662213) | more than 2 years ago | (#41371325)

Fuck you!!! If I purchase a tank full of fuel, I cannot then be charged again if I decide to syphon the tank and use it else where (ie sharing the resource). If I buy a GB from you, why should I then pay again if I decided to syphon some and use it in a different device (via tethering).

Damn US wireless carriers are a bunch of c*nts - actually, they aren't as useful.

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