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Breaking the iPhone5

Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes | about 2 years ago

Idle 0

Daniel_Stuckey writes "The mass sacrifices have been taken out in every which way, from traditional sport-throwing (which has become an official gaming event in Finland) to running it over, sledging it, flushing it, sniping it, etc. Traditionalized by the violent unboxing of the Apple’s earlier iPhones, I feel like I’m treading on a subject of cult or religion while I write this. But really c’mon dudes. All of this effort? Tens of thousands of expendable dollars spent on production budgets, guns and ammunition, replacement screens, and the units themselves that some poor enslaved Chinese student has been forced out of school to make?

It feels like people deciding to destroy their iPhones despite people tsk-tsking at the wanton excess could at this point emulate a Second Amendment discussion. If we want to trash $600 worth of phone, it’s our right! But maybe that’s taking it too far — it could just be another needless waste, equitable to dumping a little harmless grey-water into the ravine. (What’s so bad about that?) How about the realization of all the opportunities with friends and family lost while waiting for the next great iDevice?"

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