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Questions on extent of Adobe Hack

chicksdaddy (814965) writes | about 2 years ago

Security 0

chicksdaddy writes "In the wake of Adobe’s warning, Thursday, about a high profile compromise on its network, security experts say the incident raises troubling questions about the extent of the breach at a company that makes software running on hundreds of millions of computers.
Writing on Thursday, Brad Arkin, Adobe’s Senior Director of Product Security And Privacy, reassured customers that the company’s source code wasn’t stolen, nor did the hackers have access to code for any of Adobe’s core products like Adobe Reader or Flash.
However, those with expertise in breaking into networks and cleaning up after hacks said the nature of the attack – which Adobe has described as having the characteristics of an “APT” – or advanced persistent threat – make it difficult to know what attackers did or did not have access to and whether or not the threat has been removed.
“If you put yourself in the hacker’s position you realize how much they must have known about Adobe internals to perform the hack they performed,” said Dave Aitel of Immunity Inc. "If they had that kind of access it’s very hard to say that they were limited in their access and are completely removed from the network.”"

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