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Obama Administration Silences IT Layoff Notices

CubicleZombie (2590497) writes | about 2 years ago

United States 4

CubicleZombie (2590497) writes "As part of last year's U.S. federal debt increase deal, the Department of Defense will take a $55 billion budget cut on January 2nd. That's a lot of IT jobs. By law, companies are required to give 60 days notice before mass layoffs. Only this time, they're not, because the Obama administration has directed companies to ignore the law and has pledged tax dollars to cover their legal defense. These notices would have come out days before the November election."

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McCain to block (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#41538425)

Sen. John McCain vowed Tuesday to block any money intended to help defense contractors elude the provisions of a layoff notification law, objecting to financial assistance that McCain and other Republicans have criticized as politically motivated.

Of course it is politically motivated. Many DOD contractors live in swing states,especially Virginia.

Re:McCain to block (2)

macpacheco (1764378) | about 2 years ago | (#41538681)

The GOP locked themselves in a straight jacket, i.e. signed a pledge not to increase taxes by a single cent.
They're always talking about tax cuts, smaller government, but when it's time to actually cut the defense budget (1/3 of the US budget) they budge.
Need to raise taxes at least in the interim.

Re:McCain to block (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | about 2 years ago | (#41543559)

Raising taxes is the idiocy. If you look at the record since WW II ended, taxes as a percentage of GD has never been above 20% nor below 14%, and has averaged 18%. This includes when the top tax bracket was 90%.

The history is clear. If you raise taxes too much, you lose revenue. The Laffer curve is reality. To deny that, and say you can just raise taxes and get more revenue, puts you in the same reality-denying category as creationists, global warming deniers, and anti-GMO bigots.

Obamney and Robama are both proposing ludicrous budgets which assume revenue can reach 23% of GDP. There is no practical difference between them.

Re:McCain to block (1)

macpacheco (1764378) | about 2 years ago | (#41545209)

Just raise the capital gain taxes from 10% to 15%, for starters.
End all farm subsidies, all subsidies on coal, oil, nuclear power, if you do that, then you don't need clean energy subsidies.
If you do the two above, you can cut the corporate tax rate by at least 5% while still getting a significant tax revenue boost.
too much BS, perpetuated by lobby interests belonging to those with more to loose.
If the GOP would just stop trying to prevent the clean energy revolution, all that money going to saudi arabia, venezuela, iran,... would go into the local economy, we're less than 5 years from an 100% affordable electric car, also affordable fuel cells (platinum free) are just around the corner.
The clean energy economy would fix the issue in the long run (just need discipline not to cut costs somewhat). But the GOP is hell bent on not letting that happen.

Anyhow, otherwise...

Then be ready to cut the defense budget, cut deep. The GOP is unwilling to do that too !
The F35 Stealth fighter program is one example of a necessary program, whose costs are running away.
If you concede there will never be a conventional war against Russia, China, then the F35 isn't needed, even Iran could be attacked with stealth UCAVs in development that will cost 1/10th to develop and build. Just build another 2 F22 squadrons and invest a little more in the F22 strike capability.
The new US Navy Destroyer (Zumwalt), another less necessary project, but also runaway costs.
Need to withdraw from Afghanistan, can't afford to fight any wars anymore.
The military never truly left the cold war (cost is no object) mentality. They are unwilling to truly optimize costs.
Any kind of no-fly zone establishment would cost one billion dollars in just the first week due to cruise missiles, ultra expensive F22/F15E flight hours. Should use B2 stealth bombers to mass drop SDB and JDAMs, and use zero cruise missiles, but the Navy would go bezerk, because now they're cut off from the party.
There's way too much promiscuity between congress and large defense contractors, the pork barrel mentality comes into play.
Initiatives like the NASA COTS (commercial off the shelf program) is a great success, need to apply that broadly, 100x more.

Another example, with recent smart weapons (XM25 smart riffle, Excalibur howitzer rounds, smart 120mm mortar rounds, company level UAVs), this should make it possible to use half as many men to do the same mission, but you bet your ass the Army isn't planning on reducing manning requirements for missions.

Also, the main issue is the American public is unwilling to see reality. And the first politician that actually admits the US is about to go broke if some very painful cuts aren't made won't get elected because the population don't want to hear it.
The problem starts with the people.
I'm from Brazil (but I lived in the US in the 90s, now back in Brazil), and have the exact same view on our problems, the problem starts with the people wanting this and that and that, not caring what's possible and what's not. I like the US, I wan't the US to succeed, not only because I wish I was still living there, but also because if the US goes down, most of Latin America will crash too.

Until the general population starts to hurt bad, things won't change.

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