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Reminder: Friday is Steve Jobs Dress-Up Day

theodp (442580) writes | about 2 years ago

Apple 0

theodp (442580) writes "A year ago Friday, the mainstream and tech press were reporting on the death of Steve Jobs. So on Friday, you can expect to see the first anniversary of Jobs' death marked in various ways. In Apple's home town of Cupertino, for example, the city's flag will fly at half-staff at the Cupertino Civic Center. And in Seattle, Filter is inviting the public 'to dress like Steve in his signature jeans and black turtleneck' and 'join us in our public celebration of the anniversary of Steve’s passing' as part of a flash mob that will gather in the parking lot of the University Village Apple Store at 9:30 a.m. Hey, why not a Houdini-like seance later in the evening at Jobs' Memphis mansion (now owned by Jobs' surgeon)?"

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