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The GOP's War on Reality Has Finally Jumped the Shark

derekmead (2466858) writes | about 2 years ago

Politics 2

derekmead (2466858) writes "It can be ridiculously frustrating when our Congress doesn’t understand something important, like the Internet, but the less cynical amongst us could argue that it’s impossible to be an expert on everything, even though congresspeople are often expected to be. I’m imagining a short film called “The Innocence of Congress,” about aides trolling Wikipedia while Chuck Grassley talks to the MS Word paperclip.

But there’s something far worse than ignorance or naiveté, feigned or not. It’s the type of vitriolic misinformation coming out of Republican Representative Paul Broun, who’s broken hateful new ground in the GOP’s war on facts.

Broun, a physician who sits on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, pulled no punches with videotaped remarks, in which he said that there’s a lot of good evidence that the Earth is only 9,000 years old, and that evolution and the big bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” He qualified those statements, made September 27 at a sportman’s banquet at a church in Georgia, by saying that he’s a “scientist.”"

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Competency? (1)

MoonRabbit (596371) | about 2 years ago | (#41590001)

Senators and Congressmen should be required to pass a sixth-grade science test before being allowed to serve on Science Committees.

Nice partisan old news (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | about 2 years ago | (#41593373)

Ever heard of the Scopes monkey trial? Creationists have been fighting reality since the beginning. That buffoon has no effect on anything, and his only real fault is the typical political fault of refusing to admit that government has created most of the problems it refuses to address.

Here are some *current* and *real* problems your beloved Democrats refuse to come to grips with in spite of science and reality.

Fracking has been shown by government reviews to be safe, and has dropped the price of natural gas so much that it has replaced coal without the government doing squat except slow it down, and that has reduced carbon emissions far more than any government anywhere in the world. Yet Democrats hate it because it has shown wind and solar power to be tax-sucking subsidy monsters.

Genetically modified foods have been shown by countless scientific studies to be safe, and no different in end result than traditional breeding programs. The green revolution has fed a world and lifted billions of people out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Why do Democrats insist it is the mark of the devil and do everything they can to hobble it?

Democrats refuse to admit that public pensions and public worker unions are devastating state and local budgets.

Democrats refuse to consider even the possibility that parents and children should have any say in how their schools are run, insisting that all teachers are heroes, none are better or worse than others and performance bonuses and honest reviews are insulting and degrading, and protect the thousands of teachers so bad that the schools would rather pay them to do nothing than spend years fighting teacher unions to actually, you know, fire their sorry asses. Even teachers who have abused kids and committed crimes must be protected from the evil administrators. Meanwhile, per-capita inflation-adjusted spending per pupil has doubled or tripled, with no gain whatsoever in educational achievement.

So keep up the partisan flackery on subjects that don't actually have any effect on real life.

Politicians are like little kids scribbling on maps with crayons as if that were changing the real world, squabbling about what colors mean what and whose map is better. Fucking useless.

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