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With a Media War Brewing, Reddit Faces Its Biggest Decision Yet

derekmead (2466858) writes | about a year and a half ago

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derekmead (2466858) writes "Violentacrez, a Reddit user who made a name for himself by moderating r/creepshots dedicated to taking creepy and explicit pictures of women in public, recently deleted his account. Now the reason has dropped: Adrian Chen of Gawker, who’s vocally not a fan of Reddit, was apparently near posting an article revealing the identity of Violentacrez, who also had heavy involvement in r/jailbait before it was shut down.

It’s now brewing into a real shitstorm. Chen (and Gawker) have long battled with Reddit; Chen once tried to convince the community that he was the user LucidEnding, whose AMA about taking his life before succumbing to terminal cancer blew up on the site. But while that was cause for animosity, Chen’s apparent doxing of a famously (and disgustingly) sleazy member of some of Reddit’s foulest areas has infuriated other moderators. Now the mods of r/politics have banned all Gawker posts, with other major subreddits following.

If the begrudgingly-accepting web environment turns hostile towards Reddit, it’s going to see a lot of the growth opportunities it's quietly looking at disappear. So it must make a decision: Does Reddit want to risk its brand equity on defending the quasi-legal and extremely distasteful posting of some of its members (if Condé Nast, its owner, will even let it), or will it start cleaning house?"

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