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Ask Slashdot: What book(s) you read that has significant impact on your life?

gspec (2710477) writes | about 2 years ago

Books 5

gspec (2710477) writes "A little background about me: 36-yr old computer engineer working in the Bay Area. While I bring in about 100k annually after tax (actually, in the Bay Area this is not as much as it sounds), I consider my self as an underachiever and my career is stagnant (I have only been promoted 4 times in 12-yr career). I have led a couple projects, but I am not in any leadership/management position.
I realize I need to do something to enhance my career, and unfortunately at this point going back to school is not an option. I believe I need to read more quality books.
My question: Which books, any type/genre, that you have read and has significant impact on your life? Thank you all."

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Book(s)? (2)

mcgrew (92797) | about 2 years ago | (#41622185)

If you've only been affected by one damned book, you're not reading nearly enough books. My answer would be "damned near all of them."

Re:Book(s)? (1)

gspec (2710477) | about 2 years ago | (#41623063)

Maybe I should add "the most". "What books have the most significant impact on your life?" I hope that clarifies it. Thanks.

Re:Book(s)? (1)

kermidge (2221646) | about 2 years ago | (#41626473)


Unless gspec is really asking about books in his field that will provide him inspiration or whatnot, seems to me that along with simple enjoyment and possible edification that the benefit of reading books is to gain perspective.

@gspec - You didn't mention if you're single or supporting a large family, which would somewhat affect my view, but seems to me that clearing roughly twice median wage, earning promotions every few years, living in a reasonably congenial area, ought to be just fine. Bonus if you like what you do, and don't have illusions concerning the difference between want and need.

Re:Book(s)? (1)

gspec (2710477) | about 2 years ago | (#41634993)

Thanks for the input. I shouldn't have posted my annual income actually, not for privacy reason, but because it is kind of irrelevant. I just wanted to emphasize that I would like to achieve more. I didn't mean to demean anybody or make people envious or to be naive. Anyways, about the family size, there are 4 of us and currently a single income. Believe it or not, living cost for 4 people in the Bay-Area is not cheap. Unless we skip saving for retirement, the money I make is only enough for housing, food, clothing, transportation, education, and basic utilities (TV and internet included). Occasionally we dine out. We are far from poor, but we cannot afford vacations, and other secondary things.

Re:Book(s)? (1)

kermidge (2221646) | about 2 years ago | (#41638803)

Thank you for a candid reply; I can see where you're coming from. My intentions were honorable also, if clumsy. I wish you well in your quest.

Had I a simple answer, particularly something as simple as a book list, I'd give it. I read through the entire thread before writing this to see what others thought. Oddly enough, I've read all but maybe a dozen of the non-tech books (and only a few of them) given and found something of worth (even if it was just simple enjoyment at the story-telling) in many of them. Finding something that would jog your creativity without risking upset of your 'center' is beyond me. (I've a personal stake also - if I could find a book that gave me a recipe I could execute to lift me above the poverty level in my 'golden retirement years' I'd use it.)

I'll not single out the handful of posts that struck me as relevant to your situation - I believe you can do that.

I'd be curious to know, in six months, what you found, how it worked, for your situation and for you.

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