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Where do the alone go?

phorm (591458) writes | about a year and a half ago

Social Networks 1

phorm (591458) writes "http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/10/13/bc-amanda-todd-suicide-charges.html

Recently the Canadian media has focused in on the story of Amanda Todd, a young girl hounded by bullies until she eventually committed suicide. While the story of bullying — or the horrible impact it can have — is not in itself unique, the somewhat haunting legacy of a video left by Amanda is.

The video — without words — shows Amanda as she holds up a series of notes detailing how a small mistake led to exploitation, isolation, violence, and pain.

The media is abuzz. Politicians are vowing to make a difference, and that things will change. But in the grand scheme, they really don't, do they? This is not a new story. Young people have died before. Politians have made speeches before. Schools will counsel. New rules will be made, and forgotten, left unenforced, or even misused. People will forget. Bullying will continue.

Social media, while allowing friends to stay connected, unfortunately also allows people like Amanda to be continually targetted, reducing the safe-havens for those in the crosshairs.I'm sure many here have stories of their own, and slashdot's own trolls are testiment to the despicableness and persistence of those who will do anything to get a reaction.

Some of us survive, perhaps to become stronger. Some — like Amanda — will not.

For those that know bullying, who have been its victims and survived, is there anything we can do? I watched this video wondering if — had I seen it before it was too late — could I have reached out and made a difference?

Is there a place where young — or perhaps even those not so young — can go where they can realize they aren't alone? In my day, I had friends across the world in IRC. People I didn't know but could talk to and share my thoughts on life. But even then, people who understood my particular situation were few and far between.

So where do they go?
The lost. The depressed. Those that could have a bright future if they can just survive their youth.
Where can they find shelter, to survive or even thrive?

Does such a place exist? How can we keep it safe from the aggressors, and how can we help young people find it.

At the end of the video, Amanda states...
I have nobody.
I need somebody.

How can we help these young people discover that they're not alone?"

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This is just depressing (1)

Maow (620678) | about a year and a half ago | (#41648087)

First, let me say, that was a nice write up.

It got me thinking - I'd heard the story, so I went and looked for more about it. Saw the video she'd posted to Youtube (I thought it had been pulled; was it reinstated?), and damn, I hope criminal charges arise from this.

She was being stalked on-line for ~2 years and pressured into providing someone with "child porn" (she died one month before her 16th birthday). All because she lifted her top on a web cam chat. Isn't that what we *want* girls / women to do? Why punish them for then doing it?

And I cannot help but think that moving from the suburbs into nearby Vancouver might have helped. I know she moved and changed schools previously, but sometimes the "big" city provides an anonymity of the crowd and she might have been able to put it behind her. Though it sounded like her new school was working out well.

FFS, she was talented. That video was well made, the notes were well written, even the hand writing was neat.

Finally, am I mostly upset because she was rather cute? Gawd I hope not. I think the physical assaults and the asshole sending her boobs photo to her friends and family would piss me off regardless. I truly hope they crucify the fucker that did that. Throw the book at him: blackmail, possession of "child porn", inducement to create "child porn", distribution, privacy violations, anything that might possibly stick. Hopefully he's in the USA and charged there.

Really and truly a shitty story. I want it posted to Slashdot's front page to see what others have to say about it.

Damn it, I woke up in the middle of the night after a bad dream about trying to save my dead dog and then I encounter this. RIP Oogway, RIP Amanda Todd.

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