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PayPal Opts You In To Binding Arbitration

SuperCharlie (1068072) writes | about 2 years ago

The Courts 2

SuperCharlie (1068072) writes "Effective November 1st, 2012, PayPal is updating its user agreement requiring any disputes between you and PayPal to be settled by binding, "final" arbitration. According to user notifications, you have until December 1st, 2012 to opt out, however, no facilities or links to do so are provided."
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You need to opt-out via snail mail (1)

SpammersAreScum (697628) | about 2 years ago | (#41664923)

Paypal provided a mail address for sending your opt-out requests. However, the Consumerist website [] notes that requests have been rejected for being ill-formatted, so they provide a link to Public Citizen's template letter.

Re:You need to opt-out via snail mail (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#41665153)

Thanks. I sent a polite message to their "help" web-mail, got back some irrelevant faq posts. Will follow the email/web route a little longer before mailing in the snail mail template.

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