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Researcher reverse-engineers pacemaker transmitter to deliver deadly shocks

Bismillah (993337) writes | about 2 years ago

Security 2

Bismillah writes "Pacemakers seem to be hackable now too, if researcher Barnaby Jack is to be believed.

And, the consequences of that are deadly. Anonymous assassinations within 30 feet of the pacemaker seem to be possible."

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Dammit ! Just reveal the name of the maker !! (1)

Taco Cowboy (5327) | about 2 years ago | (#41677875)

From TFA:

In a video demonstration, which Jack declined to release publicly because it may reveal the name of the manufacturer, ...

Instead of hiding the name of the pacemaker manufacturer, that Jack guy should revealed it.
The benefit of revealing the information far out-weight security via obfuscation - thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people may have this type of pacemaker inside their body and they have the right to know what's coming !
By revealing the name, the patients would have a chance to replace their pacemaker with a different (and hopefully, more secure) type.

Jack said his goal was not to cause harm, but to help manufacturers secure their devices.

This "Jack" guy might be a hacker, but he sure is a dumb motherfucker !!
While the pacemaker manufacturer(s) are securitizing their pacemaker, the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of patients still have the defective pacemaker inside their body.
What about their right to know the truth? What about their right determine what's best to do for themselves?

Worse (1)

sjames (1099) | about 2 years ago | (#41678391)

Much worse, the hack allows for new firmware to be uploaded. Imagine if at some date a few years from now, everyone with an insecure pacemaker drops over dead and then the firmware wipes itself.

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