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Web host for SumoTorrent site 'liable for damages'

another random user (2645241) writes | about 2 years ago

Piracy 1

another random user (2645241) writes "An anti-piracy group in the Netherlands, Brein, has won a landmark case, making a file-sharing site's former web host liable for damages.

A court in The Hague has found XS Networks guilty of facilitating copyright infringement by refusing to shut down a site it knew to be illegal.

The firm, which has ceased operations, used to rent its computer servers to the SumoTorrent website. The ruling could create a "dangerous precedent", said the TorrentFreak blog."

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Scary (0)

Billly Gates (198444) | about 2 years ago | (#41771525)

This would kill the ISP industry to the point where only corporations could host a website. That is against the spirit of the world wide web.

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