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Apple Publishes Non-Apology To Samsung On Its Website

SternisheFan (2529412) writes | about 2 years ago

Apple 0

SternisheFan writes "By NATASHA LOMAS, Techcrunch:
      After losing an appeal in a UK high court last week against a judgement that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets do not infringe the design of the iPad because their design is just not cool enough, Apple has now published an acknowledgement of the court’s judgement on its U.K. website —in line with the court order. You can’t call it an apology —quite the opposite: Apple makes it clear it does not agree with the court’s decision by pointing out that it has had court wins against Samsung for the same design patent in Germany, and noting its huge win against the Korean gadget maker in the U.S this summer.
    Apple also focuses on the judge’s reasons for dismissing its patent claim —quoting the judge’s detailed ruling on exactly what makes the iPad’s design so much cooler than the Galaxy Tab, in which he talks almost lovingly of the “extreme simplicity” of the iPad’s design; its “undecorated surfaces”; “crisp edge” and “combination of curves”. Apple then contrasts that with what the judge had to say about the Galaxy Tab: “very thin, almost insubstantial” with “unusual details on the back” —and the conclusion: “not cool”. (See full article for) Apple’s acknowledgment in full.
    The acknowledgement has not been published on the homepage of Apple’s U.K. website but there is a link to it —right at the bottom of the page, next to the notification about Apple’s use of cookies."

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