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Microsoft Windows 8 devices not exactly flying off the shelves

girlmad (2404748) writes | about 2 years ago

Microsoft 1

girlmad (2404748) writes "Doesn't sound like Microsoft’s Windows 8 has got off to a great start in the UK, with computer retailer Currys and PC World struggling to shift devices running the new software. The store on Oxford Street in London was yet to sell one device running Windows 8 by midday today. It seems that the hype created in the build-up to Microsoft's launch has already blown over."
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No Surprise (1)

ShadoCat (667030) | about 2 years ago | (#41780523)

I got a lot of the "pre-sales" training in Windows 8.

If I want a tablet, I'll buy a tablet.

The best feature of Windows 8 is the [win]+[D] key combination. That brings up the Windows 7 interface.

P.S.: The new "must have" accessory for Windows 8 laptops is a cooling pad. Think if how much heat you'll create with constantly updating screens?

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