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Is there something wrong with the Adapteva Supercomputers?

Art Popp (29075) writes | about 2 years ago


Art Popp (29075) writes "I need for a super computer to do some very branch-diverse AI experimentation for gaming AI development. I can't afford EC2 for an extended period. Caught up in the magic of GPU computing, I now have 5 CUDA books fully digested and an Nvidia 580GTX completely idle (except for Portal nights), and it turns out it's going to be nightmarishly tricky to bend a GPU to my needs because of the inherent dislike SIMD architectures have for this kind of code. I just came across the Parallella Kickstarter and backed it. The 64 individual cores, the non-SIMD layout, the decent memory throughput and the simple C programming interface make it sound pretty awesome, but CUDA was the wrong flavor of awesome for my needs. Is there a reason there aren't more backers for a $200 supercomputer? Or should I buy three?"
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Well, (2)

topace3 (962476) | about 2 years ago | (#41780943)

Well, parallel programming is still a bit obscure, which as you know is the point of the whole project. Also, many interesting details were added late in the funding process. Check out [] to get an idea. Also, do note that the $199 64-core option is dependent on the project reaching its $3M stretch goal, which I doubt it will. To be sure to get a 64-core, you have to pledge $750.
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