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OCZ Technology: From SSDs to Layoffs

Anonymous Coward writes | about 2 years ago

Technology 8

An anonymous reader writes "Once upon a time between 2004-2006, OCZ was a well-known manufacturer of high-end memory components and power supply units that sold under the motto "Founded by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts". During the peak economy in 2007, OCZ Technology CEO Ryan Petersen proved his devotion to enthusiasts by purchasing PC Power & Cooling (May 2007), swiftly followed by elite system-builder Hypersonic PC (October 2007). Through the years that followed, OCZ's brand name would successfully sell NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, overclocker heatsinks, premium thermal pastes, hardcore gaming peripherals, and even a mind-controlled Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA). On March 2008, OCZ Technology revealed the industry's first consumer Solid State Drive — the apex of their dedication towards high-performance computer hardware enthusiasts. The future looked so very bright, until stock value became the mission. As of 26 October 2012, many of the great minds behind OCZ's enthusiast movement were without work."
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Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

enlefo (738946) | about 2 years ago | (#41792511)

Don't know if they expanded to quickly or just couldn't compete with the big boys. There RAM was fantastic and I believe they were the first to offer modular power supplies. There SSD's lacked the quality control that they had in the past with memory, dunno if this was what ruined them or just another nail in the coffin.

Re:Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

danomac (1032160) | about 2 years ago | (#41793191)

I personally have had nothing but trouble with their RAM. In fact, for me it was so unreliable I had to change it with a different manufacturer on all three machines I own.

I am just in the process of changing out the last ocz power supply I have. Not so good components on the board.

Re:Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

enlefo (738946) | about 2 years ago | (#41793583)

That's crappy Danomac. I build hundreds of machines with OCZ ram in 2006-2009 and only had 4-6 bad sticks... which were all in one batch. Sounds like there QA went to shit.

Re:Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

enlefo (738946) | about 2 years ago | (#41793587)

I could be a little off in my years too, maybe it was more 2004-2007.

Re:Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

danomac (1032160) | about 2 years ago | (#41793945)

Could be - everything I bought from OCZ in 2008 failed this year. Actually, most of the RAM failed in 2009. After 3 RMAs I gave up and bought a different brand of RAM. Those chips are still in my computer today.

In 2008, the quality of their products when down the crapper. So bad, that in late 2009 the computer store I usually go to stopped carrying their products. The owner said some things were failing at a 60-70% rate.

Re:Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

Maow (620678) | about 2 years ago | (#41795303)

Hi Enlefo,

Just an FYI:

There = place
Their = possessive (what you wanted to use, twice)
They're = they are

I realize English may not be your first language, hence this polite note. I hope you receive it in the spirit it's offered.


Re:Poor QA or playing out of their league? (1)

enlefo (738946) | about 2 years ago | (#41799805)

I realized my misuse of "there" as soon as I hit post... Think I'm more of a speaker than a writer. I should proof read my posts more.

OCZ sucks (1)

fireman sam (662213) | about 2 years ago | (#41798737)

I purchased two 128GB OCZ SSDs and they both failed after a month, I got two replacements and one failed after just over 5 weeks and I got it replaced again, the other failed after two months - only because I wasn't using that machine. As I wasn't using the machine that much, I didn't get a replacement. Just two weeks ago, the 5th drive failed. I've now returned to good old regular drives and my SSDs have been shelved - I might pull them apart one day for fun.

I will never get another SSD from any company ever, even if it was free. I could have taken a dump, plugged a SATA cable into the steaming pile and still had a more reliable solution.

Friends don't let friends buy OCZ

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