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B.C. woman sues Apple over iPhone data

Maow (620678) writes | about 2 years ago


Maow (620678) writes "A B.C. woman is suing Apple Inc. alleging the company has violated the privacy and security of users of its iPhones, iPads and iPods that are using the iOS4 operating system.

(Yeah, IOS4. Continuing:)

Amanda Ladas, of Surrey, has filed the lawsuit under the Class Proceedings Act in Supreme Court of B.C. Ladas’s claim alleges that in addition to the violation of security and privacy, Apple has “engaged in deceptive acts or practices” that entitle her and anyone who joins the suit “to aggravated, punitive and/or exemplary damages.”

Ladas said in a release Tuesday that she is concerned that, without her permission, anyone with moderate computer knowledge can find out where she’s been.

According to a report by digital forensics technologist Francis Graf, whose report is filed with the lawsuit, Ladas’s iPhone 4 contains location data, going back approximately one year, which was easily accessible using free tools readily available on the internet."

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Further info... (1)

Maow (620678) | about 2 years ago | (#41827279)

Georgia Straight [] has a write-up, which in turn points to the source [] (?):

Information Security, Networking and Systems Administration expert Eric Smith investigated methods by which the physical location of an iOS4x device could be shared with outside parties, including the Apple Corporation. His extensive report shows for the first time exactly how Apple is aware of the physical location of every device operating iOS4x through a technique known as "wardriving".

The action filed in Supreme Court of British Columbia also includes an extensive report by Geographic Profiler Kim Rossmo, who details how this easily accessible information can be used. Rossmo's report raises questions about the protection of privacy, and the choices people are, or more importantly are not, making in giving up this sensitive information.

Apple Inc. has repeatedly reassured the public that it is "not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so." Those assurances include statements made to the US congress by Apple's Vice President of Software Technology Guy L. "Bud" Tribble on May 10, 2011.

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