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Apple offers to pay Google $1 per device

Anonymous Coward writes | about 2 years ago

Hardware 1

An anonymous reader writes "Motorola feels that Apple is infringing on several FRAND patents that have to do with how every smartphone in existence connects to WiFi and cellular networks. Since Apple makes smartphones, and Google is looking to use their newly acquired Motorola as a weapon, the two companies are only a few days away from the courtroom.

Apple has conceded that the Moto patents are valid by offering to pay Google/Moto $1 per device, but only going forward. Motorola wants 2.25% per device and for it to cover all Apple devices (back dated). If Motorola pursues the case and the court issues a per device rate that is higher than Apple’s offer, Apple promises to pursue all possible appeals to avoid paying more than $1. Motorola could end this quickly, or watch as Apple drags this out for what could be years."

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Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#41842853)

Motorola could end this quickly, or watch as Apple drags this out for what could be years.

The heathens marked with the accursed symbol of the Green Beast have but one simple chance to salvation: Give in to the glory and splendor that is The Apple and accept their generous terms, which are completely unnecessary and offered entirely out of the goodness and mercy of the Almighty Lord Jobs who rose from the dead into His avatar Tim Cook, and pray that the deal is not altered further. This is the only way to avoid the righteous wrath of The Apple; failure to accept will only result in The Apple blighting them with the eternal curse of the Legal iCorrection Friends. Repent, all sinners and non-believers in the true way! Repent now!

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