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how we built a supercomputer in 24hrs

Anonymous Coward writes | about 2 years ago

Supercomputing 1

An anonymous reader writes "Time lapse video of students and postdocs at the University of Zurich constructing the zBox4 supercomputer. The machine has a theoretical compute capacity of ~1% of the human brain and will be used for simulating the formation of stars, planets and galaxies."
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Specs: (1)

zbox4 (2766677) | about 2 years ago | (#41864983)

Hardware: CPUs: 384 Intel Xeon E5-2660 (8 cores @ 2.2 GHz, 95 W), 3072 cores in total Main Boards: 192 Supermicro X9DRT-IBQF (2 CPUs per node) on-board QDR Infiniband RAM: Hynix DDR3-1600, 4 GB/core, 64 GB/node, 12.3 TB in total SSD: 192 OCZ 128 GB high performance Vertex 4 drives, 24.6 TB in Total HPC Network: QLogic/Intel QDR Infiniband in 2:1 fat tree (9 leaf and 3 core switches) Gbit Ethernet and seerate dedicated 100 Mbit management networks Power usage (full load): 44 kW Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.7m Number of Cables: Power: 112 IB: 300 Ethernet: 388 Cost: under 750'000 CHF System Configuration OS: Scientific Linux version 6.3 Queue System: Slurm Swap: 8 GB on node-local SSD drive Temp Files: 110 GB on node-local SSD drive Booting: from node-local SSD, or over Ethernet Storage System (existing): Capacity: 684 TB formatted Raid-6 Lustre file system with 50 OSTs 342 x 1.5 TB HDD and 171 x 2.0 TB HDD Physical dimensions: 48 standard rack units 10 Gb Ethernet and 40 Gb (QDR) Infiniband 3 Controllers using Intel E5645 2.4 GHz CPUs Tape Robot: Capacity: 800 TB, 437 tape slots 4 x LTO-5 drives and 2 x LTO-3 drives 54 TB high speed tape cache (108 TB raw storage) 40 Gb (QDR) Infiniband connected
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