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Will Star Citizen project fund Linux and Mac ports for CryENGINE 3?

Mr. Jaggers (167308) writes | about 2 years ago

Games 2

Mr. Jaggers writes "Chris Roberts, game designer of Wing Commander fame, has had great success with his new crowd-funded Star Citizen project — so much that the $2m base goal has been smashed with weeks to go on the kickstarter portion of the campaign. Now Chris is floating a list of stretch goals for fans to vote on, with Linux and Mac support both listed as stretch goal candidates. Since Star Citizen is based on the popular CryENGINE 3 game engine, these stretch goals are equivalent to funding Linux and Mac ports of CryENGINE. Chris couldn't make any absolute promises yet, since he doesn't own the engine, but CryENGINE 3 already supports Android so at least there is existing OpenGL ES support to be leveraged towards adding Linux and Mac OpenGL support. If there is enough outpouring of cross-platform support from fans in this poll, Star Citizen could turn out to be the high-profile game that brings a AAA game engine to the growing Mac and Linux gaming communities — analogous to the role played by Wasteland 2 in bringing official Linux support to the Unity 4 engine popular among so many Indie developers."
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Mac & Linux gamers, get out and vote! (1)

wormo (2645633) | about 2 years ago | (#41870793)

Dear Mac & Linux gamers of the world,

It would surely be a great deal to get a copy of the first great space sim in years and get a AAA game engine ported to your favorite platform, chipping away a bit more at the windows stranglehold on the gaming market, all for only $30... so please, go out and vote [] !!

Great community (1)

dustyuncle (2766895) | about 2 years ago | (#41871137)

Awesome to see someone so passionate make a game that applies to older gamers!
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