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Nokia "suspends" its free developer program

jbernardo (1014507) writes | about 2 years ago

Technology 2

jbernardo (1014507) writes "Nokia has put in deep freeze its free developer program, the launchpad. Now, in the Developer Programs page, one can only see a pitch for a paid "Nokia Premium Developer Program", and below, in the Nokia Developer Pro and Developer Launchpad box, there is a text merely stating that Nokia are not currently accepting new applications for Nokia Developer Launchpad and Nokia Developer Pro programs. With most (if not all) Launchpad memberships already expired, seems like Nokia no longer is interested in the developer community, which once was one of the mainstays of its domination of the smartphone market. Of course, that domination was destroyed by Elop and its "burning platforms" memo, together with the failed bet on windows phone 7, so maybe giving up on developers would also be expectable."
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Biased (1)

occasional_dabbler (1735162) | about 2 years ago | (#41878807)

AAWP [] reports the same story in a very different light. How is providing a package that includes the necessary membership of MSFT's dev program with a bunch of other possibly useful goodies, for the same price as joining MSFT's program alone "giving up on developers"

You don't mention the $99 needed to join Apple's iOS program []

Re:Biased (1)

jbernardo (1014507) | about 2 years ago | (#41879573)

AAWP [] is a Microsoft-sponsored site, of course it would represent the story in a different light. As if paying $99 for a program that used to be free is now a huge advantage? Never mind that now a developer for Nokia's windows phones is targeting less than 5% of the market, when a couple of years ago a symbian developer, who would have free access to the Launchpad, would be targeting over 50% of it.

As for Apple's iOS program [] , I don't know what it has to do with Nokia's change of policy. Apple has a healthy market share, with as many developers as it wants. Nokia has a dwindling market share, and relatively few developers for its windows phone offerings. Shouldn't Nokia try to keep those developers and attract more, instead of adding extra barriers?

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