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Foxconn Sees New Source Of Cheap Labor: The United States

hackingbear (988354) writes | about 2 years ago

China 1

hackingbear (988354) writes "Foxconn is planning to build manufacturing plants in the U.S., probably in cites such as Detroit and Los Angeles. “Since the manufacturing of Apple’s products is rather complicated, the market watchers expect the rumored plants to focus on LCD TV production, which can be highly automated and easier.” Nice to think they will be hiring herebut still a fascinating insult to U.S. manufacturing prowess, dontcha think – the idea that actually making Apple products is a little too complicated for Americans to handle (Or maybe they won't be able to hire enough workers sitting 8 hours a day screwing really tiny screws into iPhone 5; despite of the higher unemployment rate, laborers here may not be as desperate as the millions of migrant workers looking for work in China.) Foxconn chairman Terry Guo, at a recent public event, noted that the company is planning a training program for US-based engineers, bringing them to Taiwan or China to learn the processes of product design and manufacturing."
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Insult my ass (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | about 2 years ago | (#41921795)

If it's making any kind of comment at all on American society, it's strictly about the costs involved. Obviously American labor costs more, so why would they want to open a labor-intensive factory in an expensive labor market?

If it says anything at all about manufacturing prowess, it says just the opposite -- that Chinese labor, in spite of being cheaper, isn't up to what it takes to run an automated factory, and that American labor, in spite of being more expensive, is well-suited to the task.

Haters gotta hate, snarkers gotta snark, and knee-jerkers gotta jerk their knees, but I wish the so-called editors at slashdot would not put themselves into the too-stupid-to-think-for-5-seconds category.

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