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Inkjet printing tech used to make displays even thinner

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year and a half ago

Hardware 0

An anonymous reader writes "The light guide plate is a key component of any backlit display. Typically manufactured from a clear resin, the plate has a pattern etched into it that helps guide the light evenly across an entire display. Use a poor light guide plate and the output of a screen will look patchy and diminish the overall quality of the image.

Light guide plates are usually manufactured using injection molding or screen printing, but by using an inkjet printing method Sumitomo managed to reduce the thickness of the plate to as thin as 30 micrometers, which is 0.03mm.The other advantage using an inkjet printing method offers is how quick and easy it is to change the pattern etched in the resin. That means it should be easier, and therefore cheaper, for Sumitomo to experiment with new designs and create better plates."

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