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Fired, entire company using dropbox

divenpuke (2500824) writes | about a year and a half ago


divenpuke (2500824) writes "My former employer where i was acting as a contract mechanical engineer (for 2 months) has his entire company database on dropbox. Each employee gets unlimited access to folders that they are invited to.
When he let me go he said i was kicked off the system, but it hasn't happened yet.
Now I'm not a vengeful person, but...I think an easter egg or two is appropriate. At this point i could do some real damage if i wanted to. Just deleting everything and dropbox would probably be able to provide a backup. However, going in to various files and saving altered or blank files would cause some ... issues.

So my questions to you: Ideas for an easter egg or two to plant? I'm thinking of putting a miniature scooby doo about 1micron tall in a large assembly, maybe Homer simpson eating a doughnut and holding a beer in another. These two are kinda my old standbys even when I am being a good boy, so something new? BTW, this is all in Solidworks."

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1 comment

why? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year and a half ago | (#41952915)

Did they wrong you so terribly Jason?
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