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Secession petitions flood White House website

RNLockwood (224353) writes | about 2 years ago

Politics 1

RNLockwood (224353) writes " reports that several petitions to secede from the Union have been created at the White House site, We The People, for many states; all since Obama's re-election. Texas and Louisiana lead the list with Texas needing only 7,000 more signatures to qualify for a White House response, probably less now as more Americans have become aware of the petitions. (Probably there is no mapping to post election racist tweets Post Election Racist Tweets Map )

If the petitions spark the state legislatures to petition congress and the nation agrees to allow Louisiana and Texas to secede the we will save a LOT of money. For instance the Corps of Engineers will no longer be spend tax dollars to prevent flooding in Louisiana. Think of the savings if all the Federal buildings, bases, and facilities in Texas are closed! The residents of those states can take charge of their problems without federal interference at last. Since the citizens and businesses won't be paying Federa taxes, money saved will be used to create jobs, prosperity will follow, and show how just right Romney and Bush really were.

IMHO this is an experiment worth trying!! Slashdotters, get busy and sign as many of those petitions as you can."

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Translation (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#41960023)


Waaaaah. Waaaaaah. We didn't get our way, so we're going to run away and join the circus. Waaaaah. Waaaaaah.

And in a week or two, suddenly they'll all forget about it when they find other things to cry about. Because, after all, everything's bigger in Texas. Including the spoiled crybabies. Waaaaah. Waaaaah. Waaaaaah.

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