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Texas first to finish secession petition.

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes | about 2 years ago


MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "Texas it seems is the first state to achieve a "complete" secession petition .

It will be curious to see what response the White House will have.

I thought I would add a few thoughts.

1) Those that want to joke about this should keep in mind that in 1861 people were probably joking too. I do not think secession is inevitable, but at the same time I would not classify this completely unlikely. Even if the secession discussion blows over this shows a serious problem. A look at a Red/Blue map of the US is worrisome enough, but when the maps is done by county it becomes clear that there is a serious urban/rural divide that will spell trouble in the future. ( OK I said that bbadky, but you get hte picture. )

2) Most people joke about the Red states having to get their own military, but when you look at the composition of the military I bet most come from Red states. Even more so if you only count the people who joined because of "duty to country" or "to be in the military" and not "for the tuition".

3) All this talk of the "1%" being evil misses something. There are the "1%" who are things like, carpenters and farmers and generally decent folks. Then there are the slimy "1%" who glorify conspicuous consumption. The slimy "1%" live mostly in New York and Chicago. If you look at traders and such then it is really a high percentage."

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