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Here come the humanoids. There go U.S. jobs

concealment (2447304) writes | more than 2 years ago

Businesses 1

concealment writes "Rethink Robotics founder Rodney Brooks took to the stage at the Techonomy conference here to talk about the wonders of his new robot, Baxter, which is designed to work on factory floors doing dull and necessary tasks. He costs just $25,000 and works for what amounts to $4 an hour.

Baxter is a step forward in robotics with mass potential. It has a face and sensors to tell it when people are near. It's about as close to a humanoid robot as we can get, and Brooks said it's just the beginning.

"Within 10 years, we're going to see humanoid robots," said Brooks, who was a co-founder of iRobot, maker of iRoomba, the vacuum cleaner robot."

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Let's can all machines (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | more than 2 years ago | (#41968143)

Let's go back to manual labor for everything. Power drills? Nail guns? Air wrenches? Bah! As for tractors, trucks, backhoes and bulldozers, double Bah!

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