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Voxel modeling software for 3D printing - MashUp for meshes: Only 4 days left!

Anonymous Coward writes | about 2 years ago


An anonymous reader writes "Hello, and good day!

My good friend and colleague has been working on 3D modeling software in Tromso, Norway for years now.

She already released her first product, Symvol, a volumetric plugin for Rhino 3D's NURBS modeling software.

Now she and her team are working on even more 3D printing solutions with MeshUp, best described on their kickstarter page. They have raised $20k, and are only $5k from their final goal!

Just 4 days left!

I have read slashdot for years, and I am using my first post to get the word out because I am so impressed and proud of her for moving to Norway, starting a company, and following her dreams. It would make me really happy to see her continue to develop what she loves.

This being my first post, I'm sure I've overlooked some formatting or etiquette protocol, so please tell me all about it, preferably in at least 3 part harmony. :D /shamelessPlug"

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