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Edible "Deodorant Candy" Promises to Make Your Skin Smell Like Roses for Hours

fangmcgee (1716754) writes | about 2 years ago

Idle 0

fangmcgee (1716754) writes "Think of Deo Perfume Candy as a breath mint for your entire body. The fragrance-releasing “edible deodorant,” a collaboration between Beneo, an American nutrition company and Alpi, a candy-maker from Bulgaria, is a rose-scented boiled sweet that claims to leave you smelling like a floral arrangement. The source of the scent? Geraniol, a natural substance found rose, geranium, lemon, and other essential oils. Like garlic, geraniol contains chemicals that cannot be digested. Instead, it’s secreted through the skin’s pores, resulting in a light, rosy aroma that is said to last for hours."
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