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2600 Hacker Quarterly's radio show seeks new home

volt4ire (1131825) writes | about 2 years ago


volt4ire writes "Hurricane Sandy was the last straw for Off The Hook, the weekly radio show (and podcast ) from the creators of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. On air since 1988, the show is known for its jovial coverage of issues at the intersection of technology and society. The hurricane forced the relocation of the radio station's studio to one run by a seller of crank cancer cures , who initially refused to let the show on the air when it was needed most: the day of the storm the hosts were "armed with the latest emergency info plus all kinds of details on how technology was handling the unprecedented conditions... Cell towers everywhere had failed, access to the Internet was a rarity, phone circuits were overloaded. There were ways of bypassing the trouble spots, quick fixes to the lack of access, hacker ingenuity that nobody else was talking about ...". Already fedup with the station forcing it to constantly beg listeners for money, the show is now asking for help finding a new terrestrial radio home. To retain its character it must remain more than just a podcast, because what makes it unique is its (often comical) interaction between both tech-literate and non-tech savvy live callers."
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