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derain jewelry – article about Amber

liufang (2774307) writes | about a year and a half ago


liufang writes "The amber formed one of the oldest stories in Greek mythology, the Roman poet Ovid was written into the “Metamorphosis”. Which writes the the Phaethon Palit sisters into the black poplar, the black poplar tears into amber. Therefore, about amber exhibition commonly used in the tears of God “as the theme.

The indigenous people of southern Mexico that Amber has magic called “Sun Stone”, there’s still something women their babies wear amber bracelets, as a lucky charm used to ward off evil.

Some view more imaginative think Amber is sun debris solidified, When the sun the West sinking into the sea, the hot sun like a red-hot piece of iron with water quenching fall some debris, also a little sun debris quenching fall, and coagulation in seawater and adrift with water.

Early amber, mostly owned by the aristocracy, amber worn by U.S. First Lady Martha Washington is still displayed in the National Museum of American History."

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