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Valve's Steam License Causes Linux Packaging Concerns

skade88 (1750548) writes | about 2 years ago

Linux 2

skade88 (1750548) writes "With the Linux Steam beta giving Ubuntu and it's large user base all the love, other Linux gamers are understandably wanting to let in on the fun. For the beta, Valve has provided Steam as a Debian package. Many hungry Linux gamers have reported that they have have Steam running on their fav. distro, but that still leaves the legal debate. What is the legal threshold needed to get Steam in the repos of your fav. flavor of Linux? Will Valve's one-size-fits-every-OS license be flexible to work on Linux or will it kill/Delay the dream of a viable gaming world for Linux? We are so close to bridging the last major hurdle in finally realizing the year of the Linux desktop: Gaming. Lets hope the FOSS community and Valve can play together so we all win."
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Non-issue (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#42002911)

Seriously, if you're both A) using a distro with that level of concern over non-free licenses and B) you haven't already added in whatever exceptions are needed to allow non-free stuff to be installed (assuming that's even possible on your distro), you're really quite possibly not the sort of person who cares about PC gaming to the point where you'd need/want Steam in the first place. So this is completely a non-issue; you either already changed whatever flag that says "allow things with this license to be installed" or you're dead-set to ONLY use free software and already swore off proprietary games made by a proprietary company.

Re:Non-issue (1)

skade88 (1750548) | about 2 years ago | (#42003175)

Well, it is more of an issue of being compliant with the license that Valve issues with their steam package and not so much being compliant with the ideals of FOSS. The sticking point is a part of the license which prohibits copying of the code in any way, shape or form. This could include and cover repackaging the Valve Steam beta package to fit in your fav. distro's repo. Assuming Valve only supports Ubuntu or just a hand full of the many Linux flavors out there, what is a guy to do to satisfy the legal requirements set forth by Valve's license?
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