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GIF Becomes Word Of The Year 2012

mikejuk (1801200) writes | about 2 years ago

Idle 2

mikejuk (1801200) writes "GIF started out as a humble acronym 25 years ago, entered common parlance as the format used for web graphics and now achieves fame as a verb by becoming Oxford Dictionaries USA Word of the Year 2012. GIF as a noun has always been an all-capital letter noun. Becoming a verb has caused problems concerning the use of capital and lower case letters. The common form is to keep the noun in caps and add the verbal endings in lower case — as in GIFed,GIFing), However, an all lower-case spelling with the f duplicated (giffed, giffing) is also being used."
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Not in the dictionary (1)

Dupple (1016592) | about 2 years ago | (#42012605)

Sadly it hasn't made it into the dictionary yet

  From the OUP site []

And while the Word of the Year has great resonance for 2012, that doesn’t mean that it will automatically go into any of our English Dictionaries.

/s/Smurf/GIF/g (1)

davidwr (791652) | about 2 years ago | (#42014221)

I don't GIF a GIFing GIF who GIFed GIF.

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