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cat 7

hscxuejing (2760255) writes | about 2 years ago

Iphone 0

hscxuejing writes "Because of the birth of iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 accessories become one of the hottest topics for both manufacturers and users. The Apple Company takes a series of measures to restrict those manufacturers who do not have their authorization to produce the iPhone 5 accessories. There are complicated codes of chips, so many technicists try to crack the code, and it’s very difficult. After succeeding, the next vital part is the test of iPhone 5 accessories. Excepting from the iPhone 5 Case, other accessories all need to test, and it must be pointed out that the Apple Company forbid to crack the code. While there are still a lot of manufacturers try to figure it out and then make profit. From another aspect, it also benefit to the iPhone 5 users, the iPhone 5 accessories in Apple Online Shopping Store is indeed out of standard."
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