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Microsoft accidentally gifts pirates with a free Windows 8 Pro license key

MrSeb (471333) writes | about 2 years ago

Piracy 1

MrSeb writes "In an amusing twist that undoubtedly spells the end of some hapless manager’s career, Microsoft has accidentally gifted pirates with a free, fully-functioning Windows 8 license key. As you have probably surmised, this isn’t intentional — Microsoft hasn’t suddenly decided to give pirates an early Christmas present (though the $40 upgrade deal from Windows 8 Release Preview is something of a pirate amnesty). In fact, it’s probably just a case of poor testing and a rushed release by Microsoft. The bug involves the Key Management Service, which is part of Microsoft's Volume Licensing system. Pirates have already hacked the KMS to activate Windows 8 for 180 days — but this is just a partial activation. Now it turns out that the free Media Center Pack license keys that Microsoft is giving out until January 31 2013 can be used on a KMS-activated copy of Windows 8 to turn it into a fully licensed copy of Windows 8 Pro. The massive irony, of course, is that Microsoft originally intended to strip Media Center from Windows 8 Pro — and then, in the face of consumer backlash, decided to offer it as a free upgrade until January 31 2013. Presumably, instead of taking the time to deliver the upgrade properly, Microsoft pushed it out the door as quickly as possible — and this is the result."
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This was planned (1)

JustNiz (692889) | about 2 years ago | (#42055361)

You dont get it do you? In order to maintain a monopoly, Microsoft have to find a way to also get the OS on the computers of those who wouldn't have ever bought it. Hence an 'accidental' leak such as this always happens.
Every version of Windows so far has had a registration hack emerge within a few weeks of its release, yet It really isn't hard at all to think of a scheme where such hacks wouldn't be even possible.

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