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Electric Cars DOA without Supercharged Batteries

greenjobsguru (2763619) writes | about a year and a half ago


greenjobsguru writes "This is the typical chicken and egg problem. No charging stations, no electric cars; no electric cars, no charging stations. Unless scientists deliver some serious breakthroughs in battery capacity and charge time in the next few years, we're going to need charging stations everywhere. Home, office, retail parking lots, shopping malls, airports, and yes, gas stations. The US has currently about 160,000 gas stations, but research outfit Frost and Sullivan estimate we'll have 4.1 million charging stations to keep our electric cars juiced up --yes, that's 25 times the number of gas stations! And preferably powered by renewable energy (bummer! we'll also need a smart grid for that...).
Then, we'll have a real clean transportation industry, with plenty of good paying green jobs. So, let's try and stay optimistic."

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1 comment

Wrong, wrong and wrong (2)

macpacheco (1764378) | about a year and a half ago | (#42063325)

1 - We already have electric cars with 260/300 miles range (new / old EPA range test) for the Tesla Model S
2 - Tesla is making recharging on the road free forever for Tesla Model S customers with the top range battery (the same that reaches the range quoted above), close to home, you can recharge using your own AC outlet
3 - Yes, the Model S with long range is expensive, but it's not just any EV, it a revolutionary car in far more ways than simply being an electric vehicle (it competes with the best Sedans of the whole world, and according to many car magazines, its beating them handily), I consider the challenge of making an Electric Vehicle people actually want to own (regardless of being affordable) a challenge the Model S has already succeeded
4 - Battery prices are the most expensive component of the Tesla Model S (the cheaper car costs 50% less than the most expensive one, mainly due to battery cost), and battery prices are dropping constantly, battery charge / weight is also dropping, by 2020, a Model S could cost half as much due to battery cost drop and economies of scale, bringing the simplest Model S price down to US$ 35k - US$ 60k (from US$ 50k - US$ 110k), additionally drop in battery weight will improve the Model S performance, since it weights 2.1 tons mainly due to the battery weight
5 - The electricity cost to fully recharge the Model S battery is 80% less than the similar gas fill up, and if you purchase solar PV capacity, it could be free (considering the Solar PV will offset your monthly electric in the long term alone)
6 - Even charging the Model S with regular dirty coal electricity pollutes about the same a Prius (comparing total coal production from mine to wheel with petrol extraction/refining/transportation/burning in the cars engine), charging the Model S with natural gas electricity pollutes about half as much as a hybrid ! Even without solar / wind electricity, the electric vehicle pollutes less today than a hybrid.
7 - This article is the kind of bullshit that dirty energy lobby want everyone to think, so critical investment in green energy isn't made, stop reading the GOP x Dirty Energy lobby coll aid
8 - In the end, fuel cells with hydrogen produced from natural gas will provide for long range, but a similar refill charge compared to Gasoline (while electric charging a Model S is absurdly cheaper), hydrogen fuel cells used to be very expensive, but platinum free fuel cells are coming to the market in about 18 months will make the fuel cell car finally affordable
9 - It's easy to only see drawbacks in technology we're not comfortable, much like the telephone was 100% misunderstood when it first came out 120 years ago, business people were used to dictating telegraphs, so why dictate something so your secretary could say it over the phone (never mind talking directly to the person you need to communicate with) !
10 - The real issue with electric vehicles, is regular car companies don't want to invest in a product that will compete with their own highly profitable hybrid car ! It took a man with hunger to change the world to produce a car that have concept car features, but that people can actually own today (actually in about 6 months due to their huge order backlog)
11 - Don't take it from me, the Fedex CEO stated that using a fleet of electric vehicles from their city deliveries would cost less than half of a gasoline fleet (acquisition, refueling, maintenance combined) HALF !

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