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Scientists Reveal Single Gene Is the Difference Between Humans and Apes

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year ago


An anonymous reader writes "Researchers believe that they have found the definitive difference between humans and other primates, and they think that the difference all comes down to a single gene."

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speak for yourself (1)

amiak (663900) | about a year ago | (#42066791)

I hate pseudo-scientific garbage like this. period.

Re:speak for yourself (1)

fireman sam (662213) | about a year ago | (#42068595)

Damn, if only I hadn't thrown out all the junk DNA that was lying around my place. I could have created a super human from it. Or should that be evolved a super human from it?

Perhaps all the junk DNA that is lying in landfills around the planet have already become super humans and will soon burst forth destroying everything on the planet.

I can see the movie title now: "Planet of the Junk DNA mutants"

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