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Is it up to us cure cancer?

Stolzy (2656399) writes | about a year and a half ago


Stolzy (2656399) writes "I've learned a lot from the Open Source and Creative Commons movements. I also approve of the message of the Libertarian movement teaching self reliance (do no harm to others, take care of yourself and those around you).

For those of us who believe in freedom of information, should we be asking ourselves if we are really the ones responsible for our own welfare?

There's evidence which shows that the drugs Cannabidiol (CBD) and Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA) "can" reduce some cancerous growths. And given that big pharma won't support either of these drugs due to issues with low profit, then isn't it up to us to take the next step?

Yesterday I learned that one of my friends has terminal cancer. It frustrated me no end that I couldn't tell her about CBD or DCA because of the fear of raising false hope. She's on Chemotherapy but only to prolong her life, and has no hope of being cured.

If tumorous growths can be controlled and consequently stopped from spreading by cheap drugs such as CBD or DCA, then should we be moving on to "anecdotally evidenced trials" for anyone who has terminal cancer and is willing to give these drugs a go? Patients could keep a diary, written, audial, or visual, and provide the rest of us with evidence of their results.

I'm not suggesting anyone ignore the advice of their Doctor(s), in any way. Either of these drugs can be taken in conjunction with any other treatment(s) being given. But if we continue to ignore the evidence being given to us by our scientific community, then who's the real loser in all of this?

Us, of course. .:DCA: .:CBD:"

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